Federal Immigration Crimes and How to Deal With It

When you are entering a foreign country, you need to pass the immigration process first. The immigration process requires you to provide all of the legal documents so that you are proven as an eligible alien to enter the country. However, in some cases, you may violate the rule of immigration and get a problem with that. Any violation of the immigration rule can be considered an immigration crime. Moreover, some countries such as the United States of America (USA) have more strict rules. So, you have to be careful and make sure that there is no immigration crime. In this condition, you should know what the examples of immigration crimes are.

The first example of immigration crime is improper entry into a country. The federal immigration of the USA has set some categories for improper entry such as entering or attempting to enter the country by using the illegal port of entry, avoiding the inspection of immigration officers, and attempting to enter by using false materials and intention. Another example of immigration crime in the USA is illegal reentering. This case can happen when a person who doesn’t have the authorization tries to enter the USA. Smuggling an illegal alien is another example of an immigration crime based on the federal immigration rule. The person who is conscious that the alien has no authorization to enter the country is considered the defendant of the immigration crime.

Another example is harboring. This immigration crime is done by the person who knows that an alien has entered or lived in the USA without legal authorization. The defendant may also prevent the officers from detecting the presence of aliens. Those actions are considered immigration crimes. Another example of immigration crime is encouraging the alien to enter the country with the acknowledgment that the alien has no legal authorization. In addition, the person who brings the alien to enter the USA without any legal documents is also considered the defendant of the immigration office. On the other hand, the fraud of any legal documents is also considered by the immigration office. For example, visa fraud and false statements. This action will cause 10 – 25 years of imprisonment. Marriage fraud which is done to avoid the immigration rules is also considered an immigration crime. The offender will be punished with a fine and 5 years of imprisonment maximally. Immigration crime includes passport fraud, illegal process and documents of naturalization, and false citizenship of the USA.

Well, the action of immigration crime may lead you to be punished by some kinds of punishment. You may need to pay the fine or do the imprisonment. In order to be free from immigration crime charges, you may do several things such as preparing all the legal documents before entering the USA. You also need to use only the legal port of entry. However, if you happen to get a problem with the immigration office, you may hire a lawyer who specializes in dealing the immigration crime. For example, the lawyer of Border Defense Network. This law firm has many experienced lawyers that can help you to clear all the immigration crime charges.

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