Grand Junction auto accident: Hiring a lawyer is necessary

Drivers involved in car accidents in Colorado have legal responsibilities to adhere to. If you suffered injuries in a freak accident in Grand Junction, you must follow the necessary steps. First and foremost, you have to call the police from the accident scene. If someone is injured or in need of medical assistance, call 911 without any delay. You should not leave the accident scene until a local law enforcement officer arrives at the scene. It is also advisable to call your insurer within a reasonable time. Once you have received medical attention and feel okay, consider calling a Grand Junction auto accident lawyer. Below is an overview of why hiring a lawyer is relevant and critical for your case. 

Insurance companies are discerning 

Since Colorado is an at-fault state, you would be filing a third-party insurance claim (this is when the other driver was evidently at fault). In the ideal world, you would expect the insurance company to settle your auto accident claim without delays. Unfortunate, these big insurers are infamous for their tactics. The claims adjuster will do what it takes to downplay your injuries. They may pressure you for a statement, and anything you say could go against you. You may end up giving them rights to access your previous medical records. If you have a lawyer, they will deal with the claims adjuster on your behalf. You are no obligation to give a statement until you speak to your lawyer. 

Partial fault

If you were partly to blame for the auto accident, this could significantly impact your settlement. Colorado has the modified comparative fault rule, which allows you to sue the other driver, provided you are not more at fault than them. Also, the fault percentage of each party determines what they get from the awarded settlement. Like the court, the insurance company will also use this rule to determine your compensation, and you may have to accept a lower amount if you are unsure of how to negotiate. If you believe that your action could have caused the accident, you should get a lawyer to fight the battle. 

The good news is most auto accident lawyers charge a contingency fee in Colorado. You agree to share a part of your settlement if and only when you make a recovery. In simpler words, you don’t have to pay huge to afford an attorney for your car accident case.

Eric Sara
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