How Are Truck Accidents Unique to Car Accidents?


Truck crashes can be devastating because they involve larger vehicles, meaning more force is involved in the crash. Also, trucks often carry dangerous cargo that can cause serious injuries. If you’ve been involved in either a car or truck accident, it’s important to know how these unique circumstances will affect your case and what type of compensation you’re entitled to receive.

Truck crashes can involve various other vehicles

Sometimes trucks get into accidents with motor vehicles other than trucks. These crashes may also involve accidents with other vehicles, such as motorcycles or bicycles. These types of collisions can result in serious injuries as well as fatalities.

Commercial trucks can be bigger than cars

Trucks can be much larger than cars, which means they carry heavier loads and need more space to maneuver. The length and width of a commercial truck can be 20-40 feet long and 10-15 feet wide, respectively. Trucks also tend to be taller than cars by 8-12 feet. These dimensions can result in serious damage when a truck collides with a car or other vehicle at high speeds.

There are different regulations for how trucks are built and maintained

Truck crashes are unique to car crashes because of the different safety regulations that govern their maintenance, inspection and operation. Truck drivers must also comply with stricter safety rules than drivers of passenger vehicles. Additionally, truck drivers must obtain special driver’s licenses, which are “commercial driver’s licenses” that require extensive training and testing non-truck drivers do not have to undergo to obtain their license.

Trucks carry more weight than cars which adds to their dangerousness

Trucks are heavier than cars, so the damage they cause when colliding with a car will be more severe. This means that if you’re involved in a crash with a truck, you’re likely to suffer more severe injuries than if you were involved in a crash with another car.

Truck accidents require a different legal strategy

An experienced truck accident lawyer knows that the litigation strategy for handling a trucking collision case is not the same as it would be used to help the victims of a car crash. The severity of the crash, the injuries, the insurance coverage, the list of possible defendants, and the applicable rules and regulations are all very different from what happens in an automobile accident case.

Types of truck crashes

Trucks can be involved in many types of crashes, but some common scenarios include:

  • A truck driver has fallen asleep at the wheel or was distracted by something else while driving their vehicle on the road and collides with a car or other passenger vehicle
  • An 18-wheeler crosses into another lane without looking and collides with another vehicle head-on


The unique nature of truck crashes can make them more challenging to handle, but there are still ways to protect your rights. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and aren’t sure what to do, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible who will work with you to get the compensation you deserve.

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