Is hiring a lawyer worth it after a minor car accident?

So you get into a minor car accident, perhaps someone has rear-ended you in a traffic jam. Or maybe, a reckless driver hits your vehicle at the grocery store parking lot. Whichever the case or regardless of how minor the accident is, most victims usually ask themselves whether it’s worth hiring car accident attorneys under such circumstances.

Why can’t I just settle this small incident by exchanging insurance details with the other driver and settle things amicably? Well if this is your line of thought, then you might want to rethink. Quite often even minor car accidents are complicated as far as blame game is concerned. Below are some of the reasons why you should seek legal assistance in your quest for justice.

·        The other party denying fault

In most cases, drivers at fault deny taking full responsibility. Other times the accident involves more than one party, hence making it even more complicated to solve. However, regardless of how minor the accident is, it wasn’t your fault and it shouldn’t be your responsibility to foot all the car repair bills. Seeking legal representation, therefore, facilitates justice and compensation.

·   Legal representation and insurance negotiations

Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your best bet when seeking justice. An attorney investigates the accident by gathering enough evidence against the defendant. In other words, they provide evidence such as a police report, photos of the incident, and credible eyewitness testimony. Other times a lawyer will also point out the fault that caused the minor accident in the first place. Lastly, an experienced lawyer will also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. In other words, they’ll ensure that you get fair compensation since most insurance firms’ main aim is to pay victims the least.

·        Internal injuries sustained

Although it’s rare to attain major injuries after a minor car crash, sometimes depending on the impact, you just can’t tell. At times you sustain internal injuries that often affect you post-accident. Rather than assuming you’re ok, personal injury lawyers go an extra mile when it comes to seeking official medical reports related to the incident. They also follow up on official police reports that confirm injuries sustained and also negotiate with insurance adjusters to speed up compensation.

·        Claim value

Lawyers are helpful when it comes to estimating your claim value. For instance, an experienced lawyer not only calculates the vehicle damages or medical expenses but also unproductivity/ time lost during the unfortunate incident. Additionally, a lawyer ensures that you get compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident. Lastly, a good lawyer knows their way around calculating your claim value, thus maximizing compensation.

·        Proper documentation

Hiring an attorney also helps you file essential documents needed in court. These include police and medical reports, receipts of vehicle repairs, eye witness testimonies, photos of the accident scene, etc. In other words, a lawyer will file all documents that are useful for arguing your case. Additionally, proper documentation of records is useful when the defendant files for a counterclaim.


Hiring a lawyer might be your best option, after all, furthermore, most injury/ accident lawyers only accept payment after compensation. In the end, justice is served and you are fully compensated for all loss, pain, and suffering.

Eric Sara
the authorEric Sara