Know about Types of Divorce to Choose the Suitable One for You

Everyone involved in the divorce process undergoes a tolling process as well. Psychologically, financially and emotionally, it is quite challenging to get separated from your spouse and lead a lonely life. No one marries by keeping in mind these thoughts and aims. However, life can throw anything on you and you will have to deal with it in the best way you can. Most couples hire a Galveston divorce lawyer so that they can opt for the most peaceful way to file for the divorce. Some of the types of divorce are mentioned below:

Uncontested divorce

In this, the couple can interact with one another calmly and conclude to settle the matter together. They don’t want to get into the hassle of fighting and confronting one another. They feel that they cannot find happiness together and must separate to look for it somewhere else.  This type of divorce saves a lot of time, money, stress and effort. They can hire a collaborative lawyer who can draft the terms of the divorce that can be filed in court.

Default Divorce 

If one of the partners is unaware of the whereabouts of another, he or she can go for a default divorce. The time for the unknown location for one partner may vary from state to state. An attorney should be able to assist you if you don’t know where your spouse is.

Contested divorce 

If both partners don’t agree on the terms and the agreement, they can file for a contested divorce. They can hire lawyers for themselves and fight the case in court. Some of the matters that they don’t agree on include child custody, property matters and finances. These issues need expert guidance to get resolved. Things may get ugly in this type of divorce as partners start to blame one another for the divorce and conflicts. The divorce process may take several months and years to end and a lot of money is spent during this process.

Fault-based divorce

In this, one partner may blame another for misconduct such as abandonment and adultery and show his or her willingness to give divorce to another partner. Every state may have different laws for such kinds of divorce.

It is strongly recommended to hire a suitable attorney based on your needs and discuss your requirements. He can listen to your problems and come up with the right solution. 

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