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Mediation Is Key in Legal Matters

Have you been considering filing a lawsuit against an individual, company, or group? Considering how much of a long and difficult process it can be, even under the best of circumstances, it’s good to think about mediation and if it would be ideal for your situation.

When can you use mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can be used in most non-criminal legal matters. There are some non-violent criminal cases, such as those that involve verbal harassment, that can successfully be resolved with the use of mediation. You also might bring another party to mediation if the claim doesn’t involve a legal issue. An example of this is that you and a neighbor have a dispute over trees or bushes that are encroaching onto your property.

Some of the more common cases that would benefit from mediation include divorce, child custody, other disputes with family, and disputes that are between business partners, landlords and tenants, neighbors, and labor unions, and company management.

The Process of Mediation

Mediation typically is a straightforward process. First, the rules are explained to the parties and then the parties give their statements. The mediator will ask each side questions and have private meetings with them. They’ll help to come up with an agreeable solution. Once the parties reach a resolution, the agreement will be put into writing for them to sign. The agreements can be upheld in court in many states.

What are the benefits of mediation?

There are a few benefits of mediation. For one, it’s less expensive than going through a full lawsuit. It’s also faster than if you’d need to go to court (which often can take months or years to get a ruling, whereas mediation can take a few hours or days).

You’ll have confidentiality when you get mediation services. What you say in a mediation session won’t be used in a future lawsuit. The parties get to decide on the resolution to the issue at hand and no judge or jury gets involved at all. Parties can speak directly to each other instead of communicating through their lawyers.

Lawyers such as those at Tully Rinckey Law perform mediation on a regular basis. It really is the ideal option if you prefer to stay out of the court, want to resolve the matter quickly, and not spend a small fortune on the process. If you talk to Tully Rinckey about the best course of action, you’ll realize just how beneficial it may be to your situation.

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