What are the functions of the PI attorney in your case?

Personal injury lawyers are a boon to a personal injury lawsuit, people who have been in the same shoes know the truthfulness of the fact. To make the point more evident this blog will cover what functions they have while dealing with your case. To know more precisely about their role and responsibilities you can contact a personal injury lawyer in Seattle

Help you understand your rights

They have the proper knowledge about how an accident and various legal issues can affect the life of the victim and will explain to you with clarity about the same. There are different laws pertaining to the statute of limitation or how negligence can affect the case, and the law changes from one state to the other. 

Advice you

A personal injury attorney will help you walk through the system and guide you throughout your legal tour. From interpreting medical and insurance jargon to advising you on taking a decision, they will be your compass in the maze of your personal injury case. 

A common piece of advice they will render you is not to involve in any conversation with the insurance company. The insurers are very slippery and if your injuries are severe, they will find ways to pay you a lowball compensation. Any statement made by you will be twisted and used against you. So to avoid them is wise. Your personal injury attorney will instead deal with them. 

Represent you in Court

Personal injury cases are most often solved long before they are filed. But there are some cases that need filing and the lawyer helps in negotiation with the liable party and the insurance companies sealing the deal in your favor. 

But if the case is not going in your favor you can file litigation. Litigation is a courtroom representation where the plaintiff (the victim) and the defendant will come face to face and provide their arguments in front of the judge and the jury. And you will be represented in court by your personal injury attorney.


Hiring a personal injury attorney will be helpful for you as apart from the aforementioned functions they will also support you emotionally and will hold you back at the dark time of your life. They will be there from the filing of the petition till you get compensated. You might face a lot of burdens if you decide you will be doing it alone. 

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