An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Cases for Shoulder Injuries

Surprisingly, shoulder injuries often occur at work in the United States, usually due to strenuous lifting, stretching, and other complex labor activities. Significant, painful, and incapacitating shoulder injuries are possible.

A typical worker will frequently begin by pursuing conservative medical treatment, such as injections and rehabilitation, to see whether the injury can be treated without surgery. Unfortunately, it happens often that the worker will need to have shoulder surgery, followed by physical rehabilitation.

A worker placed on temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) during recovery from conservative care or surgery is usually considered temporarily total disabled (TTD). When they are incapable of working, they are placed on TTD and receive half of their average monthly income. TTD payments are deducted from their earnings when they are deemed partially capable of working, like a light duty. The employer and insurance provider then issue them checks.

Most shoulder injuries are so severe that there aren’t many options for light duty jobs, or if the injured person works in a heavy labor sector, the employer doesn’t have any prospects for light duty.

In such circumstances, the employee will eventually complete their recovery until they reach a “maximum medical improvement,” or MMI. The employee can visit the doctor every day at this stage and not experience any improvement or deterioration. Click here to know more!

What is the best settlement for a shoulder injury?

Depending on the extent of the damage and the person’s line of work, there is a wide range of reasonable and equitable shoulder injury settlements. Injured workers who work as delivery drivers might receive significant compensation for severe rotator cuff ruptures. In contrast, fair compensation for the same injury might be lower if the injured worker was ready to retire and works at a desk job.

It’s crucial to consult with an experienced work injury attorney to help you decide how much you should settle for because each case is different depending on the type of damage and particulars of the claim.

How much will a shoulder injury be worth?

Settlements for shoulder injuries frequently reach $100,000 or more, though some do so for much less. Without more information, we cannot determine your case’s exact value. However, we can warn you insurance carriers frequently undervalue that shoulder injury claims. Therefore, considering a settlement offer without consulting a lawyer is dangerous.

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