Have a case of wrongful termination? Contact an attorney!

There’s no denying that at-will employment is tricky. Connecticut is one of the states on that list. This means that an employer can fire an employee, no matter whether that’s fair or not. That said, employees do have their rights, especially when they have been wrongfully terminated. Discrimination at the workplace is not something to be taken lightly, and if you are a victim of wrongful termination, you may want to contact an attorney. Top law firms in Connecticut, such as Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore, work with employees, protecting their rights and interests. In this post, we are sharing more on wrongful termination and how an attorney can help. 

Understanding at-will employment and wrongful termination

The concept of at-will employment, like we mentioned, is a tricky one. For example, if your employer found that they don’t like your new haircut, they can fire you. This obviously is not right or fair, but is not illegal in at-will employment states, including Connecticut. However, as an employee, you cannot be discriminated against on grounds such as race, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, and sex. Workplace discrimination is forbidden under both state and federal laws. So, what’s wrongful termination? For example, if you told your employer that you are lesbian and are fired for that, this is a case of wrongful termination. 

Why do you need an attorney?

Employers known that wrongful termination is a serious thing. As such, you are unlikely to be fired for a reason that directly implies that. As such, if you want to file a case of wrongful termination, you must have enough evidence to prove that you have been discriminated against. You need an employment attorney, because prove wrongful termination is never easy. You need to know if the case has merit, and if it does, your attorney will represent you and help in filing a lawsuit. You may seek reinstatement, back pay, and can seek compensation for your damages. 

Finding the right attorney

As someone who has been terminated wrongfully, you must find an attorney who deals in such cases on a regular basis. The best thing is most attorneys offer free consultation for workplace discrimination and wrongful termination cases, and you can get an overview of what to expect. When it comes to negotiating with your employer or representing your case in court, your attorney is your biggest asset. 

Check for an attorney early on, so that you have enough time to bolster the wrongful termination case. 

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