What You Need to Wear to Cover Yourself When Riding a Bike

Bike accidents can have a serious outcome for the passenger and the rider. The exposure and vulnerability make them susceptible to critical injuries or even death. The arms, head, and legs are more likely to get hurt in an accident. It is crucial that you follow Massachusetts motorcycle laws when riding in Massachusetts. Besides, it is essential to wear protective gear to keep the rider and the passenger safe.

Good protective gear and clothing help riders shield and protect themselves from minor debris, exposure, or any catastrophic injuries. Using reflective garments when riding a motorcycle helps to enhance the rider’s visibility to other traffic on the highway.

Here is a list of a few of the essential protective gear and clothing that a rider can wear. If a motorist wears protective gear, they reduce their chances of mortality or injury.

Headgear and Helmets

Many nations and states have a law that expects all motorists to use a helmet. For instance, the state of California’s law requires all helmets to meet certain requirements. Headgears are some of the most significant protective garments that a rider must purchase first. The human brain and head are very fragile, and they need a lot of protection.

Riders must dedicate their time to research for the best headgear products and invest in them. It is key to purchase products that comply with the law or federal regulations. It is important to note that all motorcycle passengers are also required to wear headgear for protection.

Eye Protection

Most motorcycles have been designed without a windshield; thus, riders must consider purchasing protective gear for the eye area. Excellent eye protection helps the rider avoid insects, rocks, dirt, and much more airborne materials.

Investing in quality eye gear helps to guarantee the safety of the rider and the passenger. The protective gear for the eye also helps to eliminate excess wind from affecting the rider. The shield may either be purchased differently or be included as part of the headgear.


Protective clothing materials such as jackets and trousers play a key role in keeping the rider safe. The appropriate attire can help the riders shield themselves from airborne debris or getting hurt from an accident. The pieces of clothing have a material that is very resistant and durable. They are made from materials like leather or special synthetic materials.

Motorists are highly recommended to wear long-sleeved jackets and long pants to cover most parts of their bodies. Motorists must wear well-fitting gear to avoid entanglement in various parts of the bike.


Hand protective gear is also essential. It needs to be made with durable material. It is recommended that riders should purchase leather gloves. They must have non-slippery equipment to enhance their grip when riding a motorcycle.


Good motorcycle footwear comprises protective gear for all parts of the leg, like the foot and ankle. All riders must avoid worn-out footwear that can offer little protection.

Here are some clothes that motorists should never wear:

  • Flip Flops
  • Tennis shoes
  • Skirts or shorts
  • T-shirts or Tank Tops

What Should You Do When Involved in an Accident?

You can take proactive steps to ensure you are protected while you enjoy riding your motorcycle. Some accidents cannot be avoided, but proactive measures are very important. If you or your friends are involved in an accident with serious injuries, ensure you understand how to recover from the sustained injuries. It is important to get a qualified attorney who knows motorist rights and can defend you.

Ensure to wear full protective gear when you are traveling. Make your gear part of planning for your trip to avoid forgetting any part of your motorcycle gear.

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